About Us

  • A Fraternity of Firsts

    • First national fraternity to establish a housing trust for all chapters and create a National Housing Corporation.
    • First national fraternity to establish a traveling staff to assist chapters in effective operations.
    • First fraternity to charter a chapter in all 50 states. 
    • First national fraternity Educational Foundation to build an endowment greater than $11 million.
    • First national fraternity to receive a grant from the federal Department of Education to enhance member development programs.
    • First national fraternity to provide financial assistance to brothers for graduate school through the Resident Scholar program.
    • First national fraternity to partner with the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy.
    • First national fraternty to abolish membership requirements on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation
    • First national fraternty to develop a non-hazing, non-pledging membership development program

    A Personal Touch

    • Devotes 11 full-time field representatives, Regional Directors, to assist chapters in effective operations. These representatives conduct nearly 700 three- to four-day consulting visits per year.
    • Offers recruitment, membership development, financial, and leadership consultation to all chapters.
    • Maintains online resource centers for members on a variety of topics, including Sound Mind and Sound Body programming, recruitment, membership development, substance abuse education, housing, financial management, and leadership.

    The Leadership Continuum: Building World Leaders

    • Implements award-winning leadership development programs to live the Balanced Man Ideal, impacting 4,000+ members annually.
    • Offers 26 development programs for new members focusing on personal development and lifetime achievement.
    • Organizes nine regional leadership academies to develop key management and leadership skills for chapter officers.
    • Provides elite skills training program for 120 undergraduates annually at the Ruck Leadership Institute to build lifetime members, pursue the Balanced Man Ideal, and mentor future SigEps.
    • Recognizes 14 brothers who participate in the Balanced Man Quest to Greece, a full scholarship exploration to the source of Western philosophy, guided by classic scholars, and addressing the genesis of Sound Mind and Sound Body.
    • Hosts the largest biennial, convention in the fraternity world: the Grand Chapter Conclave.


    • SigEp’s National Housing Corporation was established in 1959 and is a national leader in fraternity home ownership, loan portfolios, and real estate value.
    • The National Housing Corporation presently maintains loans to over 50 Alumni and Volunteer Corporations.
    • Sigma Phi Epsilon has the most number of fraternity houses, with over 200 chapter homes. Of those, over 115 are owned by local SigEp Alumni and Volunteer Corporations.

    Educational Foundation

    • The Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation. Its program funding is planned to develop the scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and personal potential of college undergraduates.
    • Guided by a 17-member Board of Trustees comprised of industry leaders from many fields.
    • Maintains an annual donor base of over 5,500 and has benefited from over 35,000 supporters since founding.
    • Provides nearly $1,000,000 annually in grants to support fraternity educational and leadership development programming, including the Balanced Man initiative, EDGE, Carlson Leadership Academies, Ruck Leadership Institute, and the Balanced Man Quest to Greece.
    • Maintains over 400 chapter scholarship funds and endowments used by chapters to provide over $200,000 in chapter scholarships to members.
    • Provides over $100,000 in general scholarships and loans to brothers annually.
    • Accepts funds and planned gifts from alumni and friends that may be designated for a particular chapter scholarship fund, a special program supported by the Foundation, or to the general fund of the Foundation.